Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Quick Crafting Update

The initial Sugru project was a success. I was able to cover the exposed circuit board and wires with one packet, and then used a second one to fill in the concave bits and smooth over a couple of sticking-out bits. It still looks a little rough, as it's all hand-shaped, but that part of the cord is usually hidden in a pocket anyway. I'm just glad the headset it once again functional.

As for other crafting, I got distracted by learning to knit, and haven't really done much that's directly Steampunk related. We will be attending MileHiCon and SteamCon this year, as well as the 2nd Annual Steampunk Cruise early next year, so once October is done, I'll be frantically putting together a couple of new bits for the Cruise. It looks like I won't be the only kilt-wearing Steampunk this time - at least 3 other guys have purchased kilts since last year. I'll have to wear pants to stand out...

Finally figured out a way to wear a pith helmet that doesn't simply unthinkingly embrace the image of colonialism that is so widely (and correctly) associated with such headgear. I need to look up a quick tutorial on vampire makeup, and my fangs are on order...

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