Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More bits acquired

One of the benefits of having a local Steampunk con to go to is the availability of vendors. Since my lady and I are both, shall we say, generously proportioned (though working on it), purchasing certain items of clothing/costuming over the Internet can be an exercise in gambling. Fortunately, there was a perfectly lovely vendor of corsets at AnomalyCon, and my lady is now the proud owner of a stunning example of Butterfly Frillies' work. This has, in turn, spurred more interest in completing a costume (we're scheduled for a steam train ride outside of Reno this July, as part of the Mensa on Steam tour, just prior to this year's Annual Gathering.), so we're back on that particular horse.

Turns out my mother-in-law has a sewing machine that can do light to midweight leather, so I don't actually have to use rivets to hold the gaiters together, so once I've fitted my pattern and verified that it works with cloth, I can get the leather cut.

And I've purchased a set of longer-than-elbow-length welding gloves, which will work nicely as part of a tinkerer/airship stoker look. Just need the leather Glengarry (I'm leaning away from the pith helmet look) and I should be just about ready.