Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Little By Little

I need to remember to take a couple of pictures of my assembled test pattern and my leather cutout pile so I can do a proper WIP post at some point - but the important thing is, I got the pattern figured out and I've cut out the leather pieces, so if there's time this weekend, I'll start in on punching holes and pounding rivets.

And maybe spray-painting my goggles, too!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pattern Fitting

Good thing I decided to do a test gaiter using my duct tape templates - turns out the elastic in the socks I wore pulled in more than I expected, so the test gaiter in canvas was not quite large enough to go around my calves. After undoing the test gaiter, cutting out one piece somewhat larger than the original, and stapling everything back together, I've now got plenty of extra material to deal with - so I'll need to trim the excess at the ankle and taper toward the calf more.

On the plus side, buckles and rivet plates have been acquired, so once I get the pattern dialed in I can start cutting leather.